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Suspicious Spiders

Posted on 22 October, 2012 at 13:02
If the recent rumor of the 'Two-Striped Telamonia Spider' has you checking under the toilet seats let me put your mind at rest.  This rumor, according to, is mostly false.  Although the spider itself does exist in Asian rain forests, there have no sightings in North America and certainly no deaths. 
There are two poisonous spiders found in the state of Oklahoma.  The first and most dangerous is the brown recluse.  The brown recluse can be identified by it's light to dark brown color and the distinct fiddle shape found on the pest's back (also lending to the nickname, fiddleback spider).  This shy, nocturnal pest can deliver a venomous and potent bite if threatened.  The bite of the brown recluse will produce an extremely painful pus-filled blister.  The skin surrounding the bite can also be affected and in some cases full recovery can take months.
Oklahomans also should be aware of the black widow.  Although the bite of the black widow doesn't tend to be as severe as the brown recluse, this spider can still deliver a venous sting.    The black widow spider can be identified by it's glossy black color and bright red markings on the belly.  This species of spider is also infamous for the cannibalistic mating habits in which the female kills the male after mating. 
Both of these frightening pests can be found in dry, dark, undisturbed places.  Places such as wood piles, garages, attics, closets, shoes and piles of unmoved clothing. 

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