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Pest Free Homes

Posted on 15 August, 2013 at 12:44 Comments comments (0)
If you want your home free of pests, start with basic home maintenance. 
1.  Make sure there is proper drainage around the exterior of your home.  Standing, stagnate water will attract pests.  Eliminate standing water from the exterior of your home.
2.  Caulk around windows, doors, soffits, and any cracks or crevices that insects can crawl through.
3.  Maintain a tight seal around the exterior doors in your home.  Over time, the sweep on the bottom of the doors can deteriorate. Inspect often and replace when needed.
4.  Keep your pets food area clean.  When not in use, move food off of floor to avoid insects infesting the food dishes.
5.  Keep kitchen clean after meals and avoid leaving food out for long periods of time. 
6.  Sign up for a quarterly pest control program to maximize results.

Scared of Scorpions?

Posted on 16 August, 2012 at 14:22 Comments comments (0)
Have you been enjoying these sweltering Oklahoma summer temperatures?  You are not the only one..tiny predators known as scorpions are enjoying them too.  Even though these arthropods thrive in the hot temperatures, they seek moist environments too.  This explains why they can be found indoors when drought-like conditions set in.  
Scorpions are nocturnal, they are most active during the evening hours.  At night, they prey on small insects.  During the sunlight hours, scorpions seek shelter underneath various objects
There aren't many species of scorpions found in Oklahoma.  The most common Oklahoma scorpion is the bark scorpion.  This small, tan-colored scorpion can be found in, on, or near trees, loose bark, forest floor covering or woodpiles.
The bark scorpion can deliver a venomous sting.  The sting can be extremely painful and tingling sensations can be expected but life-threatening reactions are rare.  The sting can be treated the same as a bee or wasp sting.
Ready to rid your home of these tiny but powerful pests?  An insecticide must be applied to the interior baseboards, exterior doors, windows and eaves of the home.   Due to extreme temperatures scorpions tend to inhabit attics.  Therefore, the attic must be treated with a powdered insecticide applied with a dusting machine.